Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Day in Paradise...

Heaven is sparkling white, sometimes tinted with a little yellow reflected by the sun. But heaven is a good place. There is peace.

The wind blows through golden fields, caressing the ears of corn and wheat as it softly whistles by. And sometimes, the wind goes round in circles between the trees, as if playing with the young soft leaves growing on the branches.

The brown earth is moist with dew all day long. Ripe seeds burst into seedlings every few days, scattered here and there. Small creatures of land gambol about, not really looking for anything to eat. They like gamboling about, that’s why they gambol about.

At night, sometimes, when there is a full moon above, it appears much closer than it actually is. So big, that it seems like a silver orb perched on top of the highest tree. You could almost touch it, some day. The moon likes to hide behind large, snowy white clouds sometimes. And when creatures of the night come out in the open darkness in full splendor, the moon comes out again. Seeing the shy night creatures scamper for shade, the moon laughs at the little trick. It works every time!

Heaven is a happy place.

Just beyond the largest tree there is a glade, a clearing. It is a huge, near perfect circle. There were higher creatures that used to live there, a long time ago. But now they have gone. Moved away to other places, maybe

So the glade is now empty.

A river flows quietly at the edge of the clearing. The river has water. And the water gurgles and bubbles all along the way. Sometimes, it makes splashing sounds. Sometimes, it makes slapping sounds. But apart from that, the river usually stays very quiet.

There is a throbbing that always happens, very softly. It is like a gentle pulse. It is nature’s heartbeat. Nature is happy here. For heaven is a happy place. It is a peaceful place.

Heaven happens every time you close your eyes, and forget about you. It happens when you listen to the sound of silence. Heaven happens when you breathe in, and fill yourself with the entire universe. And when you breathe out, you dissolve into nothingness.

Heaven happens when you give yourself a rest, put yourself to sleep and then wake up in another land.

You don’t go looking for heaven. Heaven comes to you when you are ready. You are not ready until you are ready.

Heaven happens when the little child in you stops pulling you back, asking you for something. Heaven happens when the little child inside you curls up to sleep on its side, wrapping itself up in its own arms, knees curled up to its chest. And when that child is smiling a slight, shy smile in its sleep, you’ll know you’re in heaven.

Heaven is sparkling white, sometimes tinted with a little yellow reflected by the sun. But heaven is a good place.

There is peace…

- Avinash Agarwal

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