Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Earth

When I close my eyes,
I picture the first rays of dawn,
A time when light breaks free,
And triumphs over all hopelessness…

I see the clouds,
Glowing with a yellow touch,
And the golden sun peeping from behind

I see a jasmine- tender, white and soft,
Begin to unfold within me,
Like that of a baby’s palm
Opening to curl over a father’s forefinger;

The jasmine opens up and looks around,
Like a baby’s eyes fill with love, at the sight of her mother;
Like that of a baby’s heart, resounding with the pulse of a new life;
Unexplainable, isn’t it?

Today, for once, I let go.
I let the flower curl out, and allow myself to feel no fear.
As sunshine beams on the heart of my flower,
Slowly opening its white petals,
Small droplets of dew perch fragilely at their tip,
As if ready to fall with the sound of a single whisper…

As this flower opens up, its love seems to spread all through my being,
It breaks free from all the bondages of my mortal body,
And sets sail with the wind, catching the colors outside;

The Sun God seems to nod in approval, and flowers then bloom everywhere.
White, tender, and so soft…

In every heart they bloom,
In every pair of eyes they light up a sparkle,
In every pair of lips they break into smiles of joy, and unconditional love.
Unexplainable, isn’t it?

The sky turns bright blue as this perfect day goes on,
And then the ground starts turning green
Brown sand breaks open like sprouting seeds,
And roads are covered with carpets of green grass…

Barriers are broken, fences fall down, and walls start crumbling gradually,
One after another, in perfect symphony,
 Just like a pianist turns the pages of his book,
Without losing touch of the keys…

Cars stop moving, people drop their worries and stop their hustle, for
Paradise has come

When the Wind sees this, it bows in reverence.
It borrows the cold from the lakes and seas, and blows across the surface of the earth,
Healing wounds,
Bringing peace,
Feeding the hungry,
Blessing the newborn,
Painting smiles here and there,
Unexplainable, isn’t it?

Trees grow, as does the grass,
Lions roar, and deer run away,
Waves break on rocks, playfully,
But these are everyday affairs, isn’t it?

The real miracle happens,
When Man looks up,
And sunlight touches his eyes, as if for the first time,

Sunlight touches the eyes of Man, who never saw,
The blue of the sky in all that smoke,
The shapes of the clouds from his tall buildings,
Or heard the songs of the birds over his noise
Today, he is born again;
Unexplainable, isn’t it?

Just like ants gather,
After a hard days’ work,
To the shelter of their home tree,
Men gather, women gather, children gather,
All One in the yellow light, the blue wind, and green shade;

That, is my picture of a new Earth

Explainable, isn’t it?!

-Avinash Agarwal


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