Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It feels good, for Once.

They told me,
Don’t dream of things that cannot be
Don’t look beyond what your eyes see
Don’t even think you can be free

So I sat still,
Against the window grill,
My knuckles white,
Eyes shut tight.

This is how it’s always been,
And nothing more than black I’ve seen

Until today, when I finally break free
No more of their ways, no more of their rhymes. My life is now all mine.

I burst through the front door, out into the open. I trip, fall and hurt myself.
But it feels good.

It is winter now, and spring will soon arrive. My skin tastes the wet snow. My hair feels the icy wind ruffle it. I can still see naught from under the blindfold.  But for once I know, and for sure I know, I’m free.
It feels good.

Breathing harshly, my feet sinking in the snow, I make my way across the garden. I bump into a tree. My trembling fingers gauge its bark. It’s rough, scaly and cold.
But it feels good.

My hands make their way up a slender branch. At the very end of it is something soft. It’s a flower, not yet in full bloom. It seems to reach out and let my fingers caress it.
Yes, it feels good.

All of a sudden, from nowhere, two tears ooze down my eyes. I feel them staining the blindfold, moist and heavy. They’re tears of blood.

The years of darkness and fear seem to converge into this one moment, breaking through the shackles of time. They fall out as soft tears as my eyes gently bleed. It pains a little. But it feels good.

All it took was one decision in one moment of light. I’m free now.
Oh, yes. It feels good.

- Avinash Agarwal

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  1. I could feel her euphoria. Loved how you used the picture as an expression of freedom.

  2. That was 'their' idea...WeBlog! heheh

    Thank you :)

  3. Wow .. your words were a perfect replica of the picture , beautifully describing the gush of feelings and emotions in intricacy.. Wonderfully penned ! :)

  4. Hats off. Jahanpanaah, tussi more than great ho. Every time you beat yourself - if not, you give the illusion of being better than the last time, with your expressions, imagination and beauty of language - and that's what separates you from lots of other writers.

  5. Thank you again :))
    I'm on cloud Nine now...

  6. Amazing how you've brought life to the picture with your words...Is this what they meant when they said 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? Well done and good luck!

  7. I liked the way you started with a poem and in the end you mentioned "No more of their ways, no more of their rhymes" and from then on started with a prose. Very interesting :)

  8. @ Corinne- Thank you Ma'am :) Well, here it was just 300 words, so I could bring out only this much...

    @Bhavana- Wow, i'm impressed you noticed that little bit! Read your entry too, gonna comment there. All the best :)

  9. What a writeup yaar. Am very much impressed..

    I wish you all the best for the contest, SSC - II
    Do stop by Someone Is Special

    --Someone Is Special--

  10. Thanks :) will check out your blog and tell you what i think...

  11. Superb picture. I will turn up here more often.

  12. Only for the photograph I will turn up here more often...

  13. definitely one of the best entries... immersive.
    best of luck for ssc and do stop by

  14. Thank you so much :)
    Yes, the picture's my favorite part too!

  15. Well composed.. ATB for the contest.. Do check my entry..

  16. and ur complimenting my post ??? dude, this post whips my cheap post's ass completely.. its awesomely written and really heartfelt

  17. Oh come on, they are two different points of view..i'm glad you like this too :)

  18. I noticed how you've penned a story like a symphony.
    You have my vote!

    Goodluck for SSC2!
    Feel free to stop by my blog :)

  19. Great flow...really awesome! I liked every line....

  20. Congratulations Avinash on winning SSC2!!!

  21. Blindfolded - and tears of blood stainin it.
    Tears of joy coming from the new foudn freedom.
    What an interpretation to the picture!
    just loved it!
    Great job!

  22. Heyy :) Thank you all so much for your comments and your votes :)

  23. The words and emotions are literally flowing...An exuberant piece!

  24. owsem post avi...d way u make words flow is too gud..m totaly impresed... :)

  25. Thanks Namit :) will just check out your blog...