Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frames of Freedom- Beyond the Frame

They can put you behind bars.
They can chain you to the walls.
They can cage you for years.

The one thing they can NOT do is take away your dream. The other thing they can NOT do is blur your vision. Even a little bit. So don't look at the frame. Look beyond.

Let your fingers make their way through the cold, steely fence and tingle when the wind from the other side gently tickles their tips.
Let your face press hard on the fence, kiss a vagabond leaf coming a-wandering by with the wind and yearn for more.
Let your senses close in on you, little by little.
And let them open fully to the silent whispers of your heart. 

Take a deep breath in. And let go.
Hush now, don't go rushing or searching anywhere else. 
Freedom is right here, right now. So stay where you are.

Don't look at the frame. Look Beyond.

-Avinash Agarwal

This photograph was taken by me in 2009.
This post is for the Frames of Freedom Contest by Blogadda


  1. Always a different interpretation.

    It reads like poetry.

  2. Thank you :)
    I hope you'll start liking poetry now :P

  3. all the best with the contest.
    freedom's a frame of mind, agree and like the lines:)

  4. Thank you :) wish you the same...

  5. Hey, this one is so beautiful! I came upon your blog on being asked by Tanay to check out your (amazing) posts on India and I loved this much too. Though am not very fond of poetry and this one is poetic, but beautifully poetic. :)

  6. Hey Sugandha, thank you so much :) I'm glad you like them...

  7. Beautifull :) All the best :)

    Way to go >>>>>>>

  8. Thank you so much :) wish you the same...

  9. simple picture and effective lines!....Sadiya likes! :)